The Story God is Telling

Thank you Nick and Denise for the opportunity to speak today and share about what is next for MERCY as a brand and our image to the outside world! I want to thank Aljendro Penedo for all of the work that he has put into MERCY! From the website to managing email, social media, and all technological aspects of the brand. He has done a tremendous job! I’d also like to thank Chuck Hess for not just his friendship but for diving in and being such a great sounding board for our ideas, but also for taking a vision and running with it! We would be in tough shape without your expertise! And thank you to everyone who has done work on where the MERCY brand is at today! The work that we are doing would be nothing if not for the foundation that you have built!

A few months ago, I came across a wonderful TedX talk called: “The Magical Science of Storytelling by David Phillips. In his talk he shares the story of a journalist by the name of Rob Walker.  Rob was curious about the power of story and decided to conduct an experiment. He purchased 200 items off of eBay then commissioned 200 writers to write stories about those items. He then placed them back on eBay with the stories that were written about them. He called the study the “Significant Object” Study.

Now, all 200 of these items were purchased for less than $1. One of these items was a ceramic horse head. Not much bigger than a small candle and looked like it was painted at Color Me Mine by a 3rd grader.

How much do you think the horsehead was sold for? $62.95! In fact, all of the items that he purchased, he sold for almost $8,000!

What can we learn from this? That there is power in telling a story! An objects worth can increase in value or decrease in value based on the story that one tells.

In 1 Peter 4:11, Peter gives us an admonition that when we speak, we should speak as if we are speaking the very words of God. As a professional communicator; meaning I speak for a living, this is a very profound statement that goes beyond preaching and teaching God’s word. For us here today, this simple idea of speaking as if we are speaking the very words of God should change the way that we participate in MERCYworldwide. What words is God telling through our actions for MERCY? To put it in another way; what is the story that God is telling through us about MERCY?

For some months now, a small band of MERCY warriors have been making progress on an initiative we have dubbed; MERCY 2.0. In all of our efforts we have had one central question that has been guiding our efforts: What is the story that we want MERCY to tell.

If we looked our website, our social media accounts, our logo, our colors, our branding, our ambassadors, our administration; what story is MERCY telling? What story are we telling about MERCY in the way that we work on our various MERCY projects?

But today, as we share with you some of the central pieces of MERCY 2.0, we want to change that. It’s not just our story, its God’s story!

What is the story that God is telling? Yes, the Gospel, the story of the restoration of Biblical Christianity in the 21st century. But more specifically, what story is God telling through MERCYworldwide.

After a project is done, what do the pictures say? What do the articles say? What is the story that God is telling?

What is the story that God wants to tell through the leper in India that now has a smile on his face because disciples (MERCY ambassadors), some of you in this very room, engaged him in conversation? Where there was isolation now there is joy!

What is the story that God is telling through a small 5-year-old girl who had her teeth pulled in a makeshift clinic in Manila? Where there was pain, now there is healing!

What is the story that God wants to tell the world about a young boy in Cambodia whose parents abandoned him and is now living in an orphanage where he doesn’t know if he will even have anyone to love him? Where there is now a mistrust of people, through the efforts of MERCY and the Bordieri’s, there will be the love that only a disciple can give that will build a trust not just in the goodness of the Kingdom, but in the greatness of the greatest lover of all time! Jesus!

What story is God telling?

My fellow MERCY ambassadors, my fellow disciples, my brothers and sisters; Our job is to tell that story and proclaim it in every language, on every medium, to every nation under heaven! Not only as if it were the very words of God, but because it is the very story that God is telling! Amen!

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