The Sermon on the Mount | The Longest Sermon Ever Recorded

The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes I believe are one of the most overlooked aspects of Christianity.  Throughout my course of my discipleship I’ve allowed many different things to dictate my happiness such as finances, my spouse, health of my love ones  and what I do or do not have in life. As a result times I’ve been able to overcome these feelings and muster temporary joy but at other times I’ve found myself sad and even overwhelmed wondering why cant I be happy?  I’ve blamed not being happy on other people, thinking to myself if this person would just do this I would be truly happy. This subtle way of thinking led me to embarking on a journey to find out what do the scriptures say about happiness. So I started a study on the Beatitudes.   My prayer is that this study will not only impact you but it will also impact those around you and in turn allow you and others to glorify God and grow closer to him.

The Beatitudes were given by Jesus in what’s known as the Sermon on the Mount. As I stated earlier this sermon is the longest recorded sermon in the bible. I believe that there is no coincidence that Jesus started  this sermon talking about something that is essential to every Christian and that something is character.  Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ understood and knew first hand his disciples would encounter all types of sufferings and through those sufferings it would produce perseverance and perseverance would produce character and character would produces hope (Romans 5:3-5). It’s important to note according to the scriptures perseverance is produced primarily through the testing of our faith. Without our faith being tested we can’t develop a true character that can be trusted. Character is what defines you. It’s the very thing that people will talk about after you leave this earth. When looking at character I like to think of it as the legacy that you will leave behind. When God calls our name and welcomes us into his eternal kingdom he will either say welcome good and faithful servant or I never knew you away from me evildoer. Either result will be based upon how we have worshipped the truth and the character we have had before God.

As we dig into the word of God its important that we understand a couple of things about the Beatitudes. Each Beatitude starts with the word blessed the word blessed in greek is makarios which means happy or superlatively happy. However the meaning of this word runs much deeper. The reason being is this happiness is a subjective word meaning of course happiness is a word that describes you.  Jesus however in the start of the Sermon on The Mount is not only describing  the subjective state of a Christian he is telling us what God thinks about or feels about us based on the character we exhibit. Being blessed is not just a feeling that you have rather it is a state of being.  If someone asked you today if you were happy what would be your answer?  Better yet if they asked you why are you happy how would you respond? Would you say im happy because of your circumstances or because of your current spiritual state with God.  Before we continue I believe that it is important for us to establish something that will probably come up again and again throughout this article I am writing without holiness there can be no true eternal happiness.  Some examples of this statement I just made are found in the following verses (Proverbs 28:14, Psalm 1:1-3, 32:1-2, 128:1-2,4).

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