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Marrieds Devotional – Day 2

Read Proverbs 14:22

As a married couple, you should be unified in your weekly and family schedule. Below are some helpful tips for doing planning as a family well:

  • Pick a day and keep it consistent.
  • Sunday nights work the best

Schedule the following:

  • Discipleship time together
  • Financies/Budget Planning (at least onece a month)
  • Date night
  • Sex (yes, you can schedule this!)
  • Family devotional
  • Chores: House cleaning, grocery shoping, etc.
  • Meals
  • Ministry and ourreach activities: Bible talk, midweeks, church, Bible studies, discipleship times, etc.
  • Kids acticities: Homework, sports, discipleship times (7 and up), dates!
  • Social acticities: Birthdays, holidays, family fun days, etc.
  • Exercise
  • Rest time

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