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How to Have a Quiet Time – Part 8

If you were to break your quiet time down into the most important parts, there would be three different parts:

  1. Talking to God2. Listening to God3. Preparing to be used by God

It wouldn’t make any sense to spend time in God’s Word, spend time listening to Him, and spend time talking to Him in the morning if He wasn’t going to be a part of the rest of your day? Don’t walk away from a quiet time with God and forget about Him until the next morning. Prepare to be USED by God during the day and EXPECT Him to use you.

Begin this time by asking God to prepare you today to be used by Him.

Read 1 Peter 3:15.
How would someone know to ask you about the “hope that you have”?

Do others who know you see a difference in you? Why or why not?

Read 2 Timothy 4:2-5.
According to these verses what should we prepared to do?

According to these verses, why should we prepare?

Close your time by telling God what is on your heart. Ask Him to help you spend time with Him on a consistent basis, and commit to taking the steps necessary to prepare yourself to share Him with others.

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