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How to Have a Quiet Time – Part 5

Now that you’ve committed to spend time with God on a daily basis, we can talk about some specific details of your time with Him.

To help prepare yourself, choose a place. The place should be quiet, with few distractions. Choose a favorite spot outside if the weather permits, or you could choose a quiet place in your room or other place in your house.

Yesterday, you read a verse about the time that Jesus spent in prayer with God. Let’s read it again to see if there’s something new to learn from it.

Read Mark 1:35.

Jesus chose to get away to spend time with God. He went away from others and found a place alone. We can learn from His example by choosing a special place where we can get away as well. Maybe you have a special chair in your room or a spot in your yard that would allow you to focus on your time with God.

Why is it important to find a place where you can be alone with God?

You probably won’t be able to leave your house early in the morning, but you can still find a place to be alone with God. Keep reading; maybe you’ll get an idea about a good place.

Read Matthew 6:5-8.

This Scripture talks about going into a closet to pray. That may sound funny to you, but this verse reminds us of the importance of finding a place where we can be completely alone with God. A closet isn’t the only place where we can get alone with God, but it can be a great place to find some peace and quiet.

Think about a place in your house where you can be alone.
Write that place here: ______________________________

Now you can stock that place with all the things you will need in order to spend time with God. You might want to set up a basket or box with the following items:

  1. Bible Be sure to choose a translation that is easy for you to understand. (New International Version is great)
  2. Devotional Guide or another specific plan for reading through the Bible
  3. Journal and pen – Some people find it helpful to write out their prayer requests, verses from the Bible, prayers, or thoughts on Scripture.
  4. Notecards You can use these to write down Scriptures that stand out to you that you would like to memorize. You can carry the cards around with you during the day or put them in places that you will see them regularly. This is an awesome way to begin to truly know God’s Word.

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