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How to Have a Quiet Time – Part 4

It has been said, “You become like the people you spend time with.” Becoming more like Jesus should be a number one priority for a Disciple. In order to become more like Jesus, we need to learn more about Him, read about Him, and simply spend time with Him on a consistent basis.

If you haven’t already done so, choose a time during your day and make an appointment with God. Choose the same time every day if possible. This will help to keep you disciplined.

Read Mark 1:35.
Write out the verse in your journal.

Jesus chose to pray early in the morning. We can learn from His example by beginning each day with God. You might want to start your day with prayer before you get out of bed each morning, or you could also get into the habit of reading your Bible while you’re eating your breakfast. However, you choose to do it, you should start your day with God.

Why is it always best to give God the first part of your day?

Depending on your schedule, you may need to wake up a little earlier than usual in order to spend time with God in the morning. Go ahead and decide now when you will start your day with God.

Make an appointment with Him. Write the time here ____ : _____

Try your best to meet with God at the same time daily. Your time with God is the most important time of your day. You have an appointment with the Creator of the universe! You don’t want to miss out on that!

Read Isaiah 50:4.

This Scripture reminds us that God wants to meet with us “morning by morning” – daily!

Why is it important to meet with God on a daily basis?

Read Psalm 143:8.

Your relationship with God is like any other relationship: two sided. Your quiet time with God allows you to not only talk to Him but also listen to Him. He speaks to your heart through prayer and Scripture reading. Take a moment to listen to God today.

What is He telling you today?

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