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How to Have a Quiet Time – Part 1

  • What is a “Quiet Time”?
  • What do you call your time with God?
  • Do you think there is a right/wrong way to have a quiet time with God?

Whatever you call it…it’s a period of time you consistently set aside to be alone with God. It is a time to talk to Him and to listen to Him as you prepare to be used by Him that day.

  • What are some things that you can do in your quiet time?

Read the Bible, pray, meditate on God’s word, sing, listen to worship music, etc.

There are many things to do in your quiet time with God. One of the key elements to time with God is reading the Bible – His love letter to us. The Bible is the standard we are to live our lives by. It is the ultimate way to get to know God – His character, His love, His truth. Below is an outline to help you as you spend time with God.

Get a G.R.I.P.

G – GO SOLO – Get in a place by yourself and away from distractions.

  • What are your study habits.
  • Do you like to study with a lot going on, or do they do better when you are away from everything.
  • Most people agree that they focus better when they are away from distractions.

Luke 5:16 – “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”

  • What are some other benefits of getting completely alone with God?

You can pray aloud, show emotion, an intimate setting is created between just you and God, etc.

  • Where is a place where you can get alone with God?
  • How can you help yourself to not get distracted?

R – READ Read a passage of Scripture.

2 Timothy 2:15 – “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not be ashamed, rightly handling the Word of Truth.”

Here are some plans of how to read Scripture:

  • Pick a book of the Bible.
  • Read a chapter or portion of a chapter daily.
    • Proverbs – It has 31 chapters. Read the chapter that corresponds with the date of the month. (Proverbs 8 for the 8th day of the month.)
    • Read the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John). Begin to go through and read a chapter/section each day. This is a good way to learn more about Jesus and His life here on earth.
    • You can find many different reading plans (to help you read through the entire Bible). Check out for different plans on reading through the Bible.

I – INVESTIGATE What does the writer say, and what does it mean to me?

  • A lot of times in the beginning of the book that you are reading, it will have a commentary (explanation) of the time it was written, who wrote it, who it was written to, etc. These are all key elements in helping you to really understand what the passage is saying. As you read, write down a couple key verses that speak to you.
  • Keep a JOURNAL As you write down key verses, write a few sentences to note what these verses are saying to you at that point in your life. This is a really awesome thing to do and to look back on to see what God has done in your life.
  • If there are verses that you aren’t sure what they mean, dig a little deeper. Read the verses or chapters surrounding it. Go look in a commentary to see what other scholars are saying about these verses. or are great sites that you can look up multiple commentaries to help you better understand Scripture.
  • P – PRAY Spend time talking to God and listening for Him to speak to your heart.
  • A relationship with God is not one-sided. A lot of times, we view prayer as us talking to God, telling Him our needs and wants, and praying for Him to do certain things.
  • Take time to quiet yourself to listen to God. You probably won’t hear an audible voice of God, but you can hear Him through the Bible, through trusted friends and adults, through the Holy Spirit speaking to your heart, and through circumstances in your life.
  • As you listen to God, remember that nothing He will ever tell you will EVER be contradictory to what Scripture says.
  • During prayer, praise Him for who He is. Thank Him for what He has done and is doing in your life and in the world. Confess your sins. Pray for your needs and for those of others. Commit to living His way – the fullest life there is (John 10:10)!
  • Do you have to spend time with God every day? (Matthew 6:11 – Give us today, our daily bread. This means that we are to be filled with God daily. He is to be our sustenance every single day. Therefore, spending time with Him results in this truly happening.)
  • What are the benefits to spending time with God daily?
What if you don’t feel like waking up early to spend time with Him? We are called to OBEDIENCE and LOVE.

Sometimes you just don’t feel like waking up early to have a quiet time, but you do it because you want to be obedient to God, and you know it’s the best thing for your relationship with Him.
Spending time with God helps you to develop your love relationship with Him.

We meet with God out of obedience but also because we love Him and want to spend time with Him.

“I do not rise early each morning to feed a habit or to go through a routine that makes me feel virtuous. I rise to spend time in the presence of the living Lord who loves me and whom I love with all my being!”– Denny Holzbauer

Don’t GIVE UP. If you miss a day, start back up THE NEXT DAY.

It’s easy to feel guilt when you miss a day or two.
Be realistic that there will be those days.
We don’t spend time with God to check off a list of tasks. When we miss a day we’ll probably notice a difference ourselves, but there’s no reason to get bogged down in guilt over this.
Pick it up the next day, and start fresh!

Your relationship with God is your responsibility; maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is something that you have to do for themselves.

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