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Hero’s Devotional – Day 8

As I like to say, ADVENTURE ON!

Waling with god is a great advnture. Jump in wholeheartedly. We are here to help! At NWA we offer many blogs, adventures, adn events to help you grow in your relationshps with the Lord as a man! There are many other Allies around the US out there that are also forwardign God’s kingdom in a mighty way that you can find uner “more” on our website. We hope to see you on adventure sometime soon! The enemy will diminish this in your mind saying things like: YOu dont need this! Its a waste of time and money! Push through. It is well worth it adn you will be a better man becaue of it.

As your last assignment on day 8, if you havnt already, is 2 fold:

Go buy WIld at Heart and the Wild at Heart field manual by John Eldredge

Begin to go throught them with a group fo othe rmen.

Advnture on!

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