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Hero’s Devotional – Day 6

She makes me feel like a man. How many songs can you name that have this theme? Or what about the ones where she dumps you? To loose a job is one of the most difficlut things a man can go through. TO be overlooked for a promotion or not picked for a team can devastate a man. What has hit you from behind recently, landed a deviestating bblow and left you daze dand starry-eyed? It has happend to me at work and in relationships.

Too often we seek our validation by going to everyone and everythign but our heavenly father. We go to our wives and ask, am I a man, do I hae what it takes. At work we ask, am I doing a good job> when we seek recognition and approval from others. Now all of these situations and people can affirm you adn are helpful but the danger lies when they become the sourse of our vlaidation.

When you seek and find your valdiation in anything besides your relationships with god and what he says about you then you are set up for devistation. Whatever or whomever you agive the power to vlaidate you it or they also ahve the power to invalidate you. So, how does god validate me? I want his validation, I need it. Listen to Gods voice, believe in his word. Among many things, the most powerful words he says about you are “YOu are my son, there is nothing you can do to get me to live you more or make me more proud of you. I created you and believe in you you have what it takes. God is telling you tha today. Can yo uhear him? Do you bleive him?

Further reading

Matthew 4:13-17


To whome do you look for validation?

What is your heavenly father saying to you todau?

Suggested prayer

Father, today I choose to believe that you are telling me that you could not love me any more or be any more proud of me. To often I run to everyone else to seek my validation. I ask for your forgivenss, mercy and healing in my life today. May my heart hear you and your words of life; your words of affirmation to be today. You my father delight in me you say I am the apple of your eye may I feel that deep in my soul today.

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