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Hero’s Devotional – Day 4

Back in the 1970’s and the 1980’s there was a popular TV program “Happy Days.” One of the main characters was on “cool dude” named the Fonxie, know as “the Fonz.” He always had life under control, nothing shook him, and he was always cool and calm while others around him panicked. He was an awesome poser. But on occasion he would be real and vulnerable; admiting he made mistake, not having the answer, asking for help for forgiveness. The healing began and relationships were restored.

Why is it so hard to ask for forgivness (and to receive it), to admit our struggles and why its so hard to experience forgiveness is the “operating system” of your walk with God and others. We need to experience forgiveness every day; yes, God has forgiven us, justified you as his child, but we need to experientlally know and feel it in our heart each day. We also need to give that same forgiveness to others each and every day.

YOu cannot give what you dont ahve. Only to the depth that you feel adn experience firgivenss can you give forgivenss to others. Do you feel foriiven in your heart; not just the knowledge that you are forgiven. Can you forvie others around you, wether they ask or not? Do you receive (experience) Gods forgiveness each day. Remeber this; Forgivenss is the paht to healing.

Furthe reading

John 13:5-17

Matthew 18:21-35


What is the blessed life Jesus is refering to? (in John)

What did the servent not get (understand, experientially know and feel)? (in Matthew)

Suggeted Prayer

Father, show me how get my sin is and how overwhelming your love and forgivenss is to me. May I receive your forgivenss in my heart, may I feel it deep in my soul. I passionatly desire your love and firgivenss and am so grateful you have freely given that to me. Father I want to be a channel of your forgiveness to others, may I forgive as you have forgiven me. As you have lavished it on me, may I lavishit on those around me.

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