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Hero’s Devotional – Day 3

Lets revisit the wound today. The following is an excerpt from the Wild at Heart Field Manual that may help with understanding what Eldredge means by “wound.’

I need to clarify two things when it comes to finding our “wound”: First, it is not necessariely one clear wound, given on an unforgettable day your rememebr in detail. Many men can recall the day they received a soul-wound from their father that somehow defined the rest of their relationship with him. But for others, it is an accumulation of subtle wounds and messages, given over time. Second, I beleive that every man carries a wound. No matter how good a man your father was, and may still be, he is not Jesus Christ. Every father is a son of Adam, and every father himself grew up in a world far from Eden. Given these two biblical truths, be very, very causioius to come to the conclusion that your somehow escaped the father-wound. Your father may have repented deeply of his own false self as a young man, and been substantially healed of his own wound before he fathered you. But that is a rare, rare case.

We hope, as you went through the wound and healing the wound sessions, that GOd showed up mightly for you. As said abvoe, there really are many wounds. This is a process. Continue the process today. Spend some time going through the wound and healing the wounds process. Refer back to your notes if necessary.

Further reading

Psalm 109:22

Psalm 134

Sugested Prayer

Father, my heart is wounded within me and I need you. Please bring healing to those hurt places with me. Lead me today into all truth and please deal gently with me. I want to be who youve designed me to be. I cant do it without you. I love you father!

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