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Hero’s Devotional – Day 1

The boot camp is over and it has been the heart’s desire of the NWA team that you would have met with God, your loving heavenly father this weekend. Hopefully you wrote down the things God spoke to you and the things you wanted to remember. We want to encourage you to follow up on your time by keeping this booklet handy and reviewing it daily over the next 30 days. Yes, it sounds like a big commitment but one that will change your life. To help you begin, we have given you some structure for the next eight days. We would also encourage you to buy the Wild at Heart Field Manual and take your lunches and go through the manual or better yet to grab a group of 4-5 guys and go through the manual together. A lot of the work of becoming who you were born to be will be fleshed out there!

Remember your enemy wants to rob you of the truth you heard this weekend. Old vows dont easily die. Your healing has begun and for most of us it is a process of walking with God. Remember you are in a battle adn the enemy will assult your heart at an opportun time, he is waiting. No need to live in fear, just be aware, on your guard, and dont be shocked when it happens. One more warning, dont do it alone. You will die out there. Find a band of brothers or start one. We can help you with that. If the enemy can get you isolated, he has you, it is only a matter of time. Above all else, seek God’s heart.

Today, begin this adventure by writing down one signifiacant thing you heard from God this weekend.

Suggested Prayer:

Heavenly father, overwhelm me with your love and care. Thank you for revealing yourself to me. Guard my heart and may it be only yours today. When in my weakness I stumble, be my strength and my salvation. May you confuse and thwart the attacks of my enemy. I remind my enemy of his demise and bring the full work of Jesus, life, death, resurection and assention against him. Remind me of your words and truth, reveal and expose lies, agreements, and vows I have made. May I live today from your truth about me. Renew my mind, I am yours and your are mine.

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