Family Devos


Psalm 113:1 and Hebrews 12:14


The purpose of this devotional is building unity and family pride.


Bring out pictures of your family. Talk about what was happening when the photos were taken. Have each family member tell which family activity they thought was the most fun and why. Use this time to laugh and to remember the fun times you have had together. Have each family member elaborate on one of their favorite times together as a family. Talk about what made it special. Have each person share what they remember most about the event. This will help to show what is important to each person in your family.

Have everyone draw a picture of your family doing something together. Ask each person to share about their pictures. Ask: What do you think makes our family great?

Read the passages. Discuss what it means to live together in harmony—cooperation, helping one another, and being friendly, warm, and gentile. The Bible says to make every effort to live in peace with one another. Ask: What does “make every effort” mean? It means to do your best to work very hard. Ask: Why is living in harmony and peace difficult to do? How can each person make living together as a family more peaceful?


Ask each person to share what they think they need to change to help the family be more in harmony and more at peace with each other. Perhaps the children have been arguing or will not share with each other. Perhaps Mom and Dad need to stop arguing and to apologize for their sin. Perhaps someone has not been speaking gently at home, or no one has been helping to pick up toys and dirty clothes.

Discuss again how much fun the times shown in the photos were. Usually the most fun times are the most peaceful times. Talk about making every day at home together one of those “best times.” It does not just have to be parties and outings that are fun. God wants our lives together to be fun and to be peaceful. If everyone works together and helps one another, then every day can be the way God intended it to be.

Plans, Commitments or Follow Up

Make a plan to help everyone remember to live in harmony. Perhaps you could sing part of the song “We Are Family” to each other if someone argues or does not talk nicely. You could quote the scripture memory verse to each other or give hugs. Have everyone rate the level of harmony at the end of the week. Follow these suggestions every week until the changes are obvious in your house!

Scripture Memory or Additional Study

 “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity.” – Psalm 133:1

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