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Chosen Today Holiday Devotional – Day 13

“I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best

for you, who directs you in the way you should go.”

Isaiah 48:17 (NIV)

Mary’s donkey was sure-footed and stable, just the right creature for the job of transporting our Savior and His mother. God chose the destination and the rout–and he also chose the method to accomplish this most important goal, and He’s still doing that in your lives today.

God chooses the family to give us and the abilities and talents and gifts to give each one of us. At Christmas, we may tend to focus on the tangible gifts we give others and the gifts of love and grace God has given us in Jesus. We also want to remember all the other gifts He’s given us so that we can play our parts in His continually unfolding story staring Jesus.

God has many jobs to get done, and getting Mary safely to Bethlehem was one of them, so He chose the right donkey from among all the other donkeys of the world. Today, he chooses you and your family members from all the other people in the world to do the jobs only you can do. he knows what we’re all best at, and He gives us the opportunity to experience that great joy of working with Him to accomplish His goals.

God trusts us completely with the jobs He’s set aside for us. As we keep His destination and route in mind, we learn how to be the vehicle to help others, show them who God is, introduce them to Jesus, and be their friend along the way.


Father, thank You for giving us jobs as important as You gave the donkey carrying Mary and Jesus, and please help us do what we do best for You.


Give each child a simple destination (another room), a simple route (around the corner), and ask them to be the method to deliver something there: Have a child carry a love note or tiny gift to another family member in the other room. Explain that’s how God works with us–giving us a job to share Him with others however we can.

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