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Active Rest Holiday Devotional – Day 9

“For nothings will be impossible with God.”

Luke 1:37 (NASB)

The angel Gabriel reassures Mary that what appears quite impossible to her is simply a matter of will for God. And the reassurance continues for us today, because when we practice our trust, we can make Gabriel’s statement ourselves in total confidence and rest. And that rest is a wonderful gift from God.

The gift of rest comes when we trust what we can’t see because we trust that He sees us, and that’s enough. And if that’s true and possible, no confines will ever hold His will. We trust unseen and believe the Immanuel promise of “God with us”–the most important and impossible-looking blessing of all, that gives us rest like nothing else.

But this rest is no lazy or bored time of inactivity–no, it’s just the opposite, because it means we’re able to enjoy our lives and our families and all God’s planned for us because we trust God has everything in His hands and knows exactly what He’s doing with it all and with us every minute. We can dare to dream great dreams and follow the directions He gives us. We can do our part like Mary did and leave everything else to Him–and worry not one bit but rest instead, knowing our Father is in control, seeing all we can’t and seeing us without fail. It’s Christmas every day!

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